Mr. Jamie Chapman 205-367-2080 ext. 206
Superintendent Email Mr. Jamie Chapman
Mrs. Vanessa D. Anthony 205-367-2086 ext. 208
Associate Superintendent Email Mrs. Vanessa Anthony
Ms. Anissa Ball 205-367-8195 ext. 203
Administrator of Student Services Email Ms. Anissa Ball
Mrs. Alma F. Somerville 205-367-8065
Career Technical Education Director Email Mrs. Alma Somerville
Ms. Alesia Williams 205-367-2064
Administrator of Special Education Email Ms. Alesia Williams
Mrs. Jennifer Shirley 205-367-2083
Chief School Financial Officer Email Mrs. Jennifer Shirley
Mr. Rufus Wilkins 205-367-8009 ext. 800
Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Rufus Wilkins
Ms. Carmen Burton 205-367-2090 ext. 601
Child Nutrition Program Email Ms. Carmen Burton
Mr. Sebastian Shamery 205-367-8662
Technology Coordinator Email Mr. Sebastian Shamery
Mr. Turner Oliver 205-367-8244
Transportation Supervisor Email Mr. Turner Oliver
Mrs. Kimberly Clark 205-367-2080  Extn: 300
IEP Coordinator Email Mrs. Kimberly  Clark
Mrs. Lori Hindman 205-367-2080 ext. 302
School Psychologist Email Mrs. Lori Hindman
Mr. Gene Tilley 205-367-2080 ext 300
Teacher of Gifted Email Mr. Gene Tilley
Ms. Ruthy M. Cousette 205-367-2080 ext. 401
Technology Assistant Email Ms. Ruthy Cousette
Ms. Cynthia Gilmore 205-367-8152
Early Childhood Learning Center Secretary Email Ms. Cynthia Gilmore
Ms. Janice M. Jones 205-367-8662
Child Nutrition Email Ms. Janice Jones
Mrs. Vickie Morrow 205-367-2080 ext. 600
Child Nutrition Secretary Email Mrs. Vickie Morrow
Mrs. Margaret Seymer 205-367-2080 ext 207
Administrative Secretary Email Mrs. Margaret Seymer
Barbara Garrett 205-367-2080 ext. 501
Payroll Email Barbara Garrett
Mrs. Darlene Tennyson 205-367-2080
Secretary Email Mrs. Darlene Tennyson
Mrs. Barbara Wilcox 205-367-2082
Secretary to the Superintendent Email Mrs. Barbara Wilcox
It is the official policy of the Pickens County Board of Education that no person shall on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, ethnic group, or disability be denied, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or subjected to discrimination in any course, program or activity.